Presenter Guidelines

Individual talks/BLITZ presentations

The time allotted for individual talks is 15 minutes (5 minutes after the talk is reserved for questions and discussion). In the case of BLITZ presentations, the talk should be 5 minutes, and the time allotted for questions/discussion at the end of each session. Authors of individual/blitz talks are requested to prepare their slides in .pptx (Power Point) and/or .pdf format and deliver them on a flash drive/external drive 15 minutes before the session/symposium starts. Unfortunately, due to technical reasons, we provide no possibility of presenting on your own laptop/other portable device.


Posters should be prepared in B1 format (70×100 cm) in portrait orientation. Please hand your poster in the poster session area (on the ground floor of our Institute). Each poster has a number assigned to it in the Book of abstracts – please find yours and place your poster on the corresponding stand (we will provide you with the tools necessary to fix your posters in place – please ask for them at registration). 

We encourage you to hang your poster as early as Friday (the first day of the Annual Meeting). The latest you should do it is half an hour before the poster session on Saturday (i.e., by 12:30 pm)