Practical information


Eduroam network is available at the Institute of Psychology. Those unfamiliar with it will be able to connect to the wi-fi using a login and password that will be sent out via email (the login/password will also be available at the registration).


A description of the accessibility of the conference venue  is described here: (in Polish).

If you have any additional questions regarding accessibility, please contact us by email, and we will accommodate your needs with the help of our Academic Support Center.

Access and parking

Our conference venue (Institute of Psychology at the University of Lodz) is located in the very center of Lodz (show on map), within a 5-minute walk from the Lodz Fabryczna Railway Station.

For those who will come to Lodz by car, we suggest using two parking lots next to our Institute. The number of parking spaces is limited, so please contact us beforehand.

If both parking lots are full, please head for the underground parking lot of the Łódź Fabryczna Railway Station, which is located within a very short distance from the Institute.

To make things easier for you, we have prepared a map on which we have marked:
1. the building of the Institute of Psychology (the conference venue)
2a. Parking lot on 63 Narutowicza Street
2b. Parking lot with entrance from Lindleya Street
3. underground parking lot of Lodz Fabryczna railway station

How to get to the parking lots?

Please set your navigation to Narutowicza 63 (show on map). It is the entrance to parking lot 2a. If  this parking lot is already full, you will have to drive a few meters further along Narutowicza Street to Lindley Street and turn right into it (please ignore the “no entry” sign, you can enter since this is your destination). Go Lindleya Street to the very end, and see the entrance barrier of parking 2b on the right (show on map).

If both parking lots are full, you will have to head to the Lodz Fabryczna Station parking lot (show on map).

Informal Meeting

For those who plan to meet in a larger group on the first day of the conference, we recommend heading to two areas:  the so-called “OFF” (show on map) or the Traugutta Woonerf  (show on map).

Both of these locations are home to numerous restaurants, pubs and club cafes, which will be bustling with life on a Friday night.

Our recommendations are:

Traugutta Woonerf:

  • Owoce i Warzywa – for a drink and a cup of exceptional coffee
  • Piwoteka – for a craft beer and something to go along with it
  • Cud Miód Fabryczna – for a bigger appetite  (restaurant with modern European cuisine)


Between the Woonerf and the OFF:

  • Winni – for a glass of wine
  • Ferment – for a Neapolitan-fusion style pizza and some drinks
  • Ramki – for a bigger appetite  (restaurant with modern European cuisine)